How to choose the right flower sprouts

Beautiful-flowers in the garden

Experienced gardeners begin to take care of the beauty of their garden when the window is still winter. Properly grown seedlings will help quickly achieve beautiful, lush and early flowering.

This is clearly seen in the example of annual flowering plants: grown in a non-seedlings way, they can late bloom and not leave seeds at all. By my own example I will say: 2 years I tried to grow a clove of Shabo in a direct way – I could not achieve a good flowering and did not receive seeds. When using seedlings, the plant manages not only to flower, but also to leave the ripened seeds.

Subtlety when choosing a ready seedling

Like vegetable seedlings , you should buy a flower in places where you will not be deceived and everyone will tell you about the plant of interest. The lion’s share of this market is occupied by farms for the greening of streets. I always go there, and never had any problems.
flowers in the garden
The only drawback, in my opinion, is a certain scarcity of choice. Here you can easily find cineraria, marigolds, petunia, but here’s a novelty such farms are unlikely to surprise you. In their assortment the standard set of the repeatedly studied, adapted and tested varieties and species prevails. As a rule, retail trade accounts for these enterprises no more than 10% of all grown products.

Enterprises of small or medium-sized greenhouse business will entice you with unusual varieties of long-familiar plants, offer a fairly large assortment. The main part of incomes of such firms is retail. But here you need to be more attentive to the acquired planting material.

What to immediately pay attention to when buying:

  • The substrate should not be dry, otherwise, bringing the plant home, you may find that its root system is badly damaged
  • ¬†Yellowed and crumbling leaves , desiccation of the tops can talk about chlorosis; at the same time active roots die off
  • Overgrowth of the aerial part and the root system. I have repeatedly heard that some gardeners do not fear this: they say, then – after landing – with proper care, you can fill in the blanks. But the root system of an overgrown flower suffers, it lacks space, and development stops. The plant can stretch out after planting, so I do not need to take risks.
  • Pests. You need to carefully inspect the leaves of the acquired plant, otherwise you can bring it to your garden of pests with it. The time you saved when buying seedlings, will go to fight this evil
    • Whitefly
    • Aphid
    • Shield
  • Pathogens of fungal diseases:
    • Real and false powdery mildew
    • Late blight
  • Mechanical damage and damage to the fungus and pests should be absent
  • Leaves are evenly distributed throughout the plant. Seedlings should be strong and fresh.

When is it better to buy a flower seedlings

Buy flower seedlings can and should be right before planting in the ground. But it is not forbidden to do it in advance.

Correctly grown or successfully acquired seedlings will please with a lush and long flowering.


A year ago, our neighbors changed; The new tenants renewed their entire flower garden at a time, and everything is very beautifully chosen. The hostess shared a secret: she had ordered all the seedlings in advance in a greenhouse for landscaping; paid, however, at once 50%, but in the end all that she chose in the catalog, she settled in her flower garden.

It’s not enough to just buy seedlings. Absolutely healthy strong plants can be ruined if you do not treat them properly.

  1. Brought from the store plants do not keep long in a dark place; overheating is also undesirable, but a good watering will be very useful.
  2. If the landing is planned in early spring, gradually accustom the seedlings to a cooler temperature and street lighting.

How to plant a purchased flower seedlings

In the evening before planting, well spill the plant to maximize the root system. Carefully remove the seedlings from the tank with a clod of earth. Do not place it in the open sun before landing. Many gardeners soak for 3 hours the roots of flowering plants in a solution of heteroauxin at a temperature of about +20 degrees.

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